How to Make Money with Magic

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  • Author: Taylor Kyle
  • Level: Advanced
  • Videos:26
Course overview
Learn how to start making money with magic! Turn your hobby in to some extra income and start performing for hundreds of people. 
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What's Included

Learn How to Get Leads!

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance

Learn How to Get videos, photos, and reviews

Learn what you will need to start performing magic as a pro and how to get it! 

Learn how to work with restaurants and local businesses. 

Learn a streamlined way to make as much money as possible from a restaurant gig! We teach you how to incorporate 4 different income streams in to one!
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Taylor Kyle

Product Designer
Taylor Kyle is one of the top traveling magicians in the country! why not join the elite magic academy and learn every thing he has used to become the best!
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